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HMT customized exercise programs for muscular imbalance and performance.

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Hanson Muscle Therapy was developed by Tobe Hanson during 39 years of practice and over 140,000 patient visits. Over the last 25 years his services have also been sought by professional athletes from NHL, NFL, UFC, MLB, PGA, olympians, triathletes, collegiate, and recreational athletes. He has been a consultant to the San Jose Sharks since 2007, worked with the Stanford football team for four seasons, and currently works with the San Francisco 49ers. His work has helped pro athletes get pain free, stay on top of their games, and prolong their careers.

Now we are applying and teaching the principles of HMT with customized exercise protocols to restore ALIGNMENT and MUSCULAR BALANCE. This is a superior approach for rehabilitation, injury prevention, and optimal performance.

The Problem
Muscular Imbalance

Each individual has, because of their occupation, the sport they participate in, or due to previous injuries, developed a MUSCULAR IMBALANCE. This is because muscles that are used more frequently get stronger and pull unevenly. The muscles that are used for opposite movement, their antagonists, are being over-powered and strained. This weak link is the underlying cause of pain and injury.

HMT is a revolutionary approach - traditionally, physical therapists and athletic trainers use set exercise programs for all people with the same injury and frequently give strengthening exercises for all adjacent muscles regardless if they’re elongated/weak or short and over powering. A HMT custom made exercise protocol consists of isolated PNF stretching exercises only for short muscles and isolated strengthening exercises for weak muscles. This will lead to strengthening the weak link and restoring MUSCULAR BALANCE.

Our Solution
Customized Programs

Using our proprietary HMT software, our trainers will evaluate each client during the initial visit and come up with a customized exercise protocol. An individual range of motion assessment, postural evaluation, and pain pattern mapping is used to create superior customized exercise protocols for each client. This customized exercise protocol includes PNF stretching and isolated strengthening exercises. HMT isolated PNF stretching will lengthen the tight/shortened/overpowering muscles and HMT isolated strengthening exercises will strengthen/shorten the weak muscles to restore MUSCULAR BALANCE.

Strengthen Hypotonic Muscles - Strengthening the Weak Link

During a YoYo strength training session, the trainer will guide the client through isolated or compound strengthening exercises using the YoYo equipment to strengthen ONLY hypotonic(elongated and weak) muscles to improve posture and restore muscular balance. nHance YoYo Technology is a revolutionary and superior approach in engaging and activating muscle fibers in weak, over powered muscles for fast improvements in strength and hypertrophy.

Stretch Hypertonic Tight Muscles

During a HMT-PNF session, the trainer will assist in isolated stretching of ONLY the client’s hypertonic(tight) muscles to lengthen them and hence improve range of motion, posture, and performance. Those tight muscles are often the cause of nagging pain and injury.

Track Results

We are results driven and strive for each session to be better than the last. As such, we track each PNF and YoYo session in our software as well as the client’s diet, amount of sleep, and stress levels. Using all of this data, we analyze how to continuously improve session over session in order to maximize your results.

About Us

Tobe Hanson

Tobe has spent over three-and-a-half decades practicing and studying a wide variety of modalities including acupressure, trigger point therapy, ancient Eastern medicine, Eastern philosophy, sports medicine, anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, psychology, theology, applied kinesiology, reflexology, and body work. Through these practices Tobe developed his own therapy: HMT (Hanson Muscle Therapy) - A manual therapy for immediate pain relief, restored function, and improved performance.

This treatment has been sought by professional and recreational athletes across many sports, as well as everyday people looking to get out of pain or improve quality of life.

HMT - Customized PNF & Isolated Strengthening protocols is a derivative of HMT. These are new and holistic customized exercise protocols for pain relief, injury rehabilitation, and performance enhancement.

Tobe is now looking to teach others about the HMT methods.

More About Tobe & HMT
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nHance YoYo Technology

nHance products have emerged from over 25 years of research conducted by Dr. Per Tesch and partners around the globe. The goal was to optimize the benefits of resistance exercise training with the least amount of time and energy required. Advancement quickened as a project assigned by NASA to combat muscle loss in astronauts in a zero gravity environment led to the patented flywheel principle. As a result, the YoYo Technology was founded by Drs. Per Tesch and Hans Berg.

The YoYo Technology uses machines driven by a flywheel and a strap that is continually cycled around the flywheel shaft. The device converts and stores energy produced during the concentric action to be absorbed or resisted in the subsequent eccentric action, leading to eccentric overload. Thus, the more energy you exert in combination with the diameter of the flywheel(the larger the diameter, the greather the resistance) the more eccentric energy will be created. Complete fatigue of the muscle is then achieved through constant tension throughout the entire rep, leading to increased strength and muscle growth.

More About nHance YoYo Technology

Traditional weights are great and we are by no means saying that strength training with them is not effective. However, we believe YoYo Technology to be superior for isolated strength training and certain compound exercises for several reasons:

1) Because the machines resemble a yoyo, there is constant tension on the muscle/s being strengthened. This leads to greater resistance, especially in the eccentric phase of the movement where this is often times not the case with traditional weights. Due to this constant tension throughout the entire rep, this leads to complete fatigue of the muscle resulting in increased strength and hypertrophy over a shorter period of time.

2) One of the core principles of HMT is to be fully present and engaged in everything you do. Using the YoYo Technology machines is almost like a dance and forces you to be present as you must be in rhythm or else the band that is attached to the flywheel will lose tension and you will have to reset it. This presence allows patients to develop a deeper mind body connection with the muscles that they are aiming to strengthen.

3) Many patients have certain injuries that do not allow them to perform many common compound exercises such as a squat as an example as the patient may not be able to load heavy weight onto the spine. However, with YoYo Technology, we are instead able to attach the patient to the flywheel via a harness and thus remove all weight on the spine but receive all benefits of the squat compound movement. This is one example but shows how YoYo Technology can be used to provide a safe alternative to traditional weight bearing exercises.

PNF stands for Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation and is an assisted stretching technique that uses gradual resistance to a muscle in a stretched position to increase ROM. For further reading, please visit

They can be combined into one session if you would like! Generally, if combining, our patiets will use the first 30 minutes for PNF stretching and the remaining 30 minutes for stregthening with the YoYo Technology.

For PNF stretching we recommend 2-3 times a week with at least one day of rest in between sessions. For YoYo strength sessions, we recommend once a week. We want to avoid overtraining and if necessary we may recommend increasing the frequency of training but we often find that once a week is optimal for YoYo strength sessions.

The first session is always 1 hour which includes the patient evaluation and creation of the patient's customized protocol. We then offer 1 hour or 30 minutes for both PNF and YoyYo strength sessions.

Each session costs $100/hr or $65/30 minutes for both PNF and YoYo strength sessions.

We are located inside The Club at Los Gatos. Please see the contact us section below for our location and our phone number to call to make an apointment.
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